how to make successful sales using your websiteA properly designed business website should be like adding a new sales person to your team. As we have mentioned in other articles, most business websites are a glorified business card.

Switched on business owners are making an investment into the functionality of their website and marketing techniques to generate leads and sales.

Your website should be getting your prospects to pick up the phone and call you, visit our shop, email you an inquiry, whatever it is that they need to do. If you are not getting a regular stream of leads coming through your website then its time to make some changes!

You could spend hundreds of hours researching all of the different methods and ways to attract buyers to your business. Most of what you read will be rubbish, the rest is either highly complicated or too simple. So where do you start?

Here are 5 fundamental rules to get you started…

  1.  Get to the point, you only have 5 seconds to convince the visitor to your website that you are the solution for them
  2.  Show yourself, people like dealing with people. Have photos of you, your staff and your business!
  3.  Guarantee your service or product
  4.  Have a video welcoming them to your site
  5.  Give them something of value for free

There are a few more to add but this these 5 changes will do wonders for 99% of business out there. Yes, you may have to tweak a few things depending on your industry but don’t fool yourself into thinking that your business is highly unique. Fundamental rules apply to virtually every business and we make sure we implement them for every one of our clients!

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