how to boost your business onlineLocal marketing has undergone a revolution over the last few years thanks to the way Google Search works.

When a person in your geographical area uses Google to find a plumber, they will be shown plumbers from their local area. This is great news because of the following facts…




– 91% of people research online before they decide what and where to purchase!
– 96% of people searching online only look at the top 3 organic results!

Therefore if you have 2 priorities…

  1. Make sure your business is in the top 3 results for your local area
  2. Make sure you have a better client-converting website than the other two competitors

If you are able to achieve these two objectives then your business will experience a gold rush of prospects wanting exactly what you’re selling.

Do a Google Search right now using the terms (keywords) a prospect would type in to find your business/product/service.

  •  Did your business show up in the top 3 results (or even on the first page)?
  • How many competitors from your area showed up?
  • How good were their websites?

A quick 5-minute exercise like this can give you an idea of how easy/hard it would be to outperform your competition online.

If you can see an opportunity to dominate your online market but don’t know what to do next then seek professional advice ASAP. Dollar for dollar, local marketing is the quickest and easiest way to turbocharge your cash flow.


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