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Every business in New Zealand needs a website, you just cannot avoid having one in this day and age. It’s the hub of your digital marketing footprint.

Over 81% of your market search online before they make a decision to buy. Just think about what you do yourself, chances are you use your mobile phone or computer to look up something you are interested in buying. Then you will compare the top 3-5 websites that show up in the search results. From here you either choose one business to buy from or you go deeper and contact 2 or 3 as a comparison.

What we’ve just described is the typical journey a person makes when researching your product or service.

Which of the following categories do you fall into?

  1. You don’t have a website and are completely overlooked by at least 81% of your potential clients.
  2. You have a website but it is not showing up in the search results, and therefore overlooked by 81% of your potential clients.
  3. You have a website and are showing up in the search results (page 1) but are not getting any conversions through your website.
  4. You have a website, are showing up in the search results and are getting excellent conversions through your website.

If you fall into any of the first 3 categories then we’re here to change everything for you with our web design.

Not only do you NEED to have a website, but it needs to show up in the search results AND entice visitors to contact you.

We specialise in creating a beautiful, clean and easy to navigate website design for companies in NZ and Australia. Our website designs have a strong focus on converting visitors into paying clients.

Using a mix of design and marketing techinques your website will compel people to call you, visit your business or inquire online, whatever action you need them to take.

The “icing on the cake” is that your website is incredibly simple use. We hold a free 1 hour training session with all new clients and teach you how to login into your website and make simple changes/updates. We also have FREE Resources that you can access anytime to recap our training session and further up-skill you and/or your staff so bolder adjustments can be made.

For those who want a “hands-off” approach to their website we have excellent security and maintenance options – we take care of your website so you can focus on converting more business!

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