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Get to know our experts that will see your porject through, every step of the way.

SEO and Online Presence Expert

Other than ensuring businesses have incredible reach and presence online, Roger loves spending time with his family. If you can’t find him playing with his kids or helping businesses succeed online, then you might find him out hiking in the bush or hooning around on his new motorbike and electric skateboard.

He still thinks he’s a teenager, and who are we to tell him otherwise.

Web Development and Lead Generation Expert

Mike leads most of our web development projects and ensures clients not only have an incredible website that works, but one that is going to be found online too.

When he isn’t raving on about the latest and greatest marketing initiative, or cracking a well-placed joke, you’ll probably find him at the beach, cooking or exploring the countryside. He has a soft spot for quaint, small-town pubs… who knew that was a thing?

Mike also specialises in lead generation for businesses through www.mikewootton.co He’s kind of a whizz at getting more clients for people.

Web Development

Kamlesh thrives on problem solving and can figure out a way to achieve anything when it comes to website development. He is a master at finding solutions while making sure costs are kept low, we think he might have been an accountant in another life.

Kamlesh, or ‘Special K’ as we like to call him, loves Travelling in his spare time.

Web Development

Nemanja is easily one of the best web developers you’ll find. Nothing seems to be a problem for him which means he is forever saying yes to pushing the boundaries of web development.

You’ll often find Nemanja working late into the night on his own side projects and then bringing his new-found knowledge to his client’s projects.

When he’s not working on his side hustle, he’ll be playing football and surfing. Chasing down the best waves, no matter how far away they are. He’s crazy!.

We love the crazies.

Visual Art Director (Fancy title for Graphic Designer)

Chis is a master at making things look pretty. He has a killer eye for creating the ultimate brand and accompanying assets to complement any website.

Chis is a full-blown digital nomad. Originally from South Africa, Chris and his girlfriend now travel the world, working along the way. Chris is currently based in Vietnam and loves the freedom of his new lifestyle. You’ll find him zipping in and out of local traffic, checking out all the nooks and cranny’s of any new city he explores, and finding the best places to eat.

Lucky for us, Chris brings this vibrancy to everything he touches!