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Since 2014 Social Media has revolutionised business in two very important ways.

First, its has become the ultimate marketing medium for social proof advertising. This is where buying decisions are made based on what other people say about you. Let’s face it nobody cares what you have to say about yourself…but when people see a happy client raving about you on Facebook you become a business they can trust.

Secondly, the average person spends more time looking at social media then watching TV. The costs of TV advertising have always been very expensive for two main reasons.

  1. TV allows you reach a huge audience
  2. The power to shape behaviour is powerful when using video


Social Media Marketing ticks both of those boxes and can be done totally free!


Who we are

We create solutions that transform brands, grow businesses and better peoples’ lives.

We understand to grow a strong and successful business you need to develop long and profitable relationships with the right people. We work with you in looking for places to improve your current company processes, and how to help you grow your business into the company you have always dreamed of. Once we know who you are and what you stand for, we customise a solution just for you and your business. There’s no generics here!

We know that we cannot help everyone we meet so we are very selective and careful about which projects we take on and who we work with.

This allows us to deliver outstanding support, service and continue to build our relationship with your company and brand.

All of our team are passionate about business, knowledgeable, honest, work with integrity and like to have fun while they are doing it.

At GroLab, we specialise in you. We’re all about making your brand and business smarter and more successful.

We use a number tools to automate many of the tedious and time-consuming functions. We have highly qualified team members who manage social media every day…

Yes, we stole some of the tech nerds from the big companies to work for us. Well, work for and with YOU.

Overview Our Packages:

Our build, manage & grow moto brings you three options when it comes to Social Media Marketing:



onetime payment

Creation of 2 Social Media Platforms

Optimisation of Bio

Branded Profile Picture

Branded Banner

Completion of information, location etc. on each platform




2 relevant posts per day

1 relevant motivational quote image per day

1 relevant article per week

1 branded post per week




2 relevant posts per day

1 relevant motivational quote image per day

2 relevant articles per week

2 branded posts per week

Message and interaction management

Our specialist team knows exactly what and when to post. We hand pick and match posts to your business field. This allows us to get brilliant interaction and personality with your followers and audience.

It’s this conscientious and custom nature that separates the time wasters and the money makers in social media marketing. We take struggling platforms and make them successful.

But why do you need one of our packages? Well, we’ve all heard that age old phrase, “if you’re not pissing people off, you’re not making a difference”

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