How to make your website Look greatThe majority of websites for businesses are just a big digital business cards – a huge waste of space and money! Our world websites are powerful tools that allow you to generate much more business and make a lot more money.

Over 80% of people use the internet to research the products and services that they are looking for. So first and foremost, they need to be able to find you online. For the purpose of this article, we will assume that you have a website and people are finding you.

Unfortunately, this is the point where so many businesses owners get it wrong. Typically you will see their business name, address and phone number. There will likely be the usual industry jargon specific to their product/service and statements like

– The best service in “location”
– 25yrs in business
– Lowest prices guaranteed
– Unparalleled service- etc etc

If this describes your website then that’s great! Why??

Because you have a lot to gain and a big slice of potential customers to convert into loyal clients!

Imagine if people coming to your website were compelled to contact you instead of your competitors? Rather than being a big boring digital business card that gives your prospects the same cliche information, your website catches their attention and motivates them to contact you. Making strategic changes to your website will not only increase your income but it can be the key to you dominating your local market!

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